The Road to Nowhere Leads to Here

by Colors

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released September 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Colors Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Linger
Your whispers still linger in my mind
But I can't make out any of the words
Not even a god damn syllable
I stare into her eyes
It's like staring into an abyss
So hallow and alone
Even though she's tightly gripped
My eyes look the same
Just dead and disconnected
Learning to numb ourselves
So we never face the truth
Avoid the chance of the light getting dimmer
But we are the ones who exist to ourselves
All the good memories are now in the past
They say the good ones last forever
But regrets are the only thing these eyes see
So take one more drink to be further from yourself
So take one more drink to be further from everything
These nights are so long
These nights are so fucking long
So take one more drink to be further from yourdself
So take one more drink to be further from it all
Track Name: The Road to Nowhere Leads to Here
These nights feel so empty
So lonely out here
I've been missing for a while
But all the days blend
The frigid night air
Goes down to the bone
I don't think I'll ever be saved
How did i get here in the first place
It seems like just yesterday all was fine
But now all i see are endless waves crashing against me
This sea will swallow me whole
This sea will be the death of me and there's no coming back
All the hope in the world can't save me now
Desperation is only used by people with something to hold onto
I'll sit waiting for someday that I can feel anything
So I'll let go and drown in this sea that I have made
So you should let go so i don't drag you down
With me
Track Name: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Breath deeply to catch your breath
But breath consistant to the answer
That is not me
I'm not here
Please take away the smoke and mirrors
I want to see me in the rawest form
Peel back the skin to see the wolf
Little laughs in the distance
Mocking the sheep that once was
I see nothing
No trace of my former self
Trapped doors spiral down into canals
Fluids of the salted sea
I'm living in my own mind
Torn apart by the theives
Laugh louder
Make sense of what you say
The sky will never clear the fog
I have a message I can't read
The bell keeps ringing but I hear no sound
Just hard vibrations deep within the core
I found the cord that connects my thoughts
Just find the end
You'll get what you want
Track Name: The Lost City
Today is the day
The climate has changed
Taking form of burning rain
The land has spoiled
They didn't see it coming
Oh, they should have listened
The ground was cold and the air turned grey
What you know is lost, buried it's own grave
A boy stands alone
With his pockets full of sand
Where to go now
I can't see through the dust
So say goodbye to the world you knew
Track Name: Ventriloquist
The strokes of the architect make the outline of this city
Everything inside, so hallow
I want you to know
There's no reason to hide
I want you to know
Voices bounce back but no one can hear us
Come with me but we aren't coming back
Cast us out to the open canvas
Where the water doesn't rise above our heads
We can go anywhere
To a place where there is no time
Nothing but colors, flowing beyond the threshold
A place inside my head
This city has no pulse
We must get away
Oh, this city is incomplete
His razorblade eyes cut deep
Deeper than the emptines of our being
Crying out to leave the ventriloquist
We must leave while we have ourselves
Before the darkness takes ahold
Why don't you just quiet down
He can't know that we're leaving
Silent steps make these steps count
Escape's the only thing that'll make us feel whole
Watch as we evaporate